ADDED ON: 04/27/2022

Torture won’t fix me’ Protestors gather in Cardiff against transgender conversion therapy.

04/26/2022 | 

Protestors gathered in the centre of Cardiff to oppose conversion therapy for transgender people all over the UK. Organised by south Wales based group, Trans Aid Cymru, the demonstrators said they were there to fight for full legal protections for transgender, intersex and non-binary individuals from conversion therapy. The protest, which was led by activist and WalesOnline Pinc List feature Shash Appan, called for the UK Government and the Welsh Government to “commit” to banning conversion therapy, and communicating that being trans, intersex or non-binary is not a negative outcome. In a tweet in the run-up to the demo, Trans Aid Cymru said that they want to “end the pathologisation of transness and of intersex bodies, through significant overhaul of the way that the NHS and healthcare industries interact with us and our bodies”. Running for around two hours, people were handed protest placards with various messages printed across them. One read: “I’m not broken. Torture won’t fix me.”


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