ADDED ON: 05/05/2020

Top Egyptian actor goes public about trans son

05/04/2020 | Reuters

A well-known Egyptian actor has spoken on television about having a 26-year-old transgender son, in a rare public show of support for LBGT+ rights in the conservative Muslim country. Hesham Selim, 62, made the revelation on a Sunday night television talk show in which he spoke of the difficulty his son had faced. “One day … she came and told me, ‘I’m living in a body that’s not mine’,” Selim said on the show, using the feminine pronoun before switching to “he”. “As his father, I have to help him to be able to live the life that he wants.” Selim said Egyptian society made it difficult for those who struggled with their gender identity. “The problem in Egypt is we have either female or male, we don’t have anything in between,” he said.


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