ADDED ON: 09/08/2020

Tokyo To Set Up Pride House To Highlight LGBTQ Rights Ahead Of Olympic Games

09/08/2020 | The Logical Indian

Ahead of the postponed Olympic Games in 2021, Tokyo will open Pride House, Japan’s first permanent such centre, in October to raise awareness of LGBTQ rights before and during the Games. While there have been similar initiatives in previous Games, Pride House Tokyo Legacy is the first to get official International Olympic Committee backing, the organisers said. The Pride House will open on October 11, on the occasion of the International Coming Out Day. “Pride House Tokyo aims to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues through the creation of hospitality spaces, hosting of events, and production of diverse content, while taking advantage of the opportunities available during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics and working across corporate, individual activists and organizational sectors,” Pride House Tokyo said in a statement on Monday.


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