ADDED ON: 01/21/2019

To what Extent are Human Rights respected in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

01/20/2019 | Sarajevo Times

There was little visible progress on human rights during 2018. Authorities failed yet again to end structural and political discrimination against Jews, Roma, and other minorities. There was limited progress towards accountability for war crimes in domestic courts. Journalists remain vulnerable to intimidation and threats. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people face hate speech and threats. More than 98,000 people remain displaced from their original homes, despite the fact that conflict ended more than 20 years ago, Human Rights Watch reports in Ethnic and Religious Discrimination. 2018 marked another year in which the government and assembly failed to make progress amending the constitution to eliminate ethnic and religious discrimination in candidacy for the national tripartite presidency and the House of Peoples, despite a further pledge to do so by January 2018.


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