ADDED ON: 03/01/2020

Tickets are now on sale for London’s first ever Muslim LGBT+ Pride

02/26/2020 | Pink News

Tickets are officially on sale for London’s first LGBT+ Muslim Pride festival, bringing together artists and advocates for an event that organisers hope will spotlight a community so under-represented in the Pride calendar. LGBT+ Muslim group Imaan set the date for the event for Saturday, April 11, and tickets hit the EventBrite shelves Wednesday. Tickets range from £5 for those on lower-incomes to £20. The full-price tickets include both lunch and dinner as well as all sessions, panels and evening entertainment. Panels and discussions will feature special queer Muslim guests including American black bisexual Muslim activist Blair Imani, queer British-Iraqi writer Amrou Al-Kadhi and trans activist and star of Channel 4’s Muslim Drag Queens Asifa Lahore.


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