ADDED ON: 09/28/2021

Three Polish regions repeal ‘LGBT-free zone’ declarations

09/27/2021 | NBC News

WARSAW -Three Polish regional councils voted on Monday to repeal motions declaring their provinces “LGBT-free zones,” state-run news agency PAP reported, after the European Union threatened to withdraw funding. Numerous local authorities in Poland declared themselves free of “LGBT ideology” in 2019, part of a conflict in the predominantly Catholic country between liberals and religious conservatives, who see the struggle for gay rights as a threat to traditional values. This set Poland on a collision course with the European Commission, which says the zones may violate E.U. law regarding nondiscrimination on grounds of sexual orientation. Officials in the southeasterly Podkarpackie and Lubelskie provinces and in the southerly Malopolskie province, three of nearly a hundred municipalities and provinces that adopted motions declaring themselves free of “LGBT ideology,” all voted to repeal the motions on Monday.


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