ADDED ON: 09/27/2020

Thousands march in Uruguay for LGBT rights

09/26/2020 | Nambucca Guardian

Rainbow colours and war cries have rung out at the centre of Montevideo as Uruguayans gathered for the annual LGBT pride parade wearing masks undeterred by the pandemic that did not prevent a large turnout. A gigantic rainbow flag and three vehicles with mobile DJs and dance music accompanied the march on Friday along the Libertador avenue, as thousands of people demanded an end to discrimination against the LGBTIQ community and celebrated their rights under the slogan “Pride is fight”. Protest chants such as “el Estado opresor es un macho violador” (the oppressive state is a misogynist rapist) and dance routines along with protest songs such as “Todos me miran” (Everyone stares at me) rang out on the streets.


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