ADDED ON: 09/05/2022

Thousands join LGBT parades in Polish cities

09/04/2022 | Notes from Poland

Thousands of people have taken part in the annual LGBT equality marches in the cities of Katowice and Lublin. The former event was held jointly with the Ukrainian city of Odesa as a show of solidarity with those unable to celebrate pride in their wartorn homeland. In Lublin, the march took place without the violent nationalist opposition seen in previous years. In Katowice, an attempt by the mayor to ban a religious protest against the parade on public safety grounds was overturned in court, but the event passed peacefully. Katowice’s equality parade was the sixth to take place in the city. Around 4,000 people took part, reports broadcaster TVN. “There are more and more of us,” said organiser Przemysław Walas.


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