ADDED ON: 07/01/2018

Thousands Celebrate Pride Day Across Latin America, Caribbean

07/01/2018 | teleSUR

Thousands of members of the LGBT community marched to celebrate International LGBT Pride Day Saturday with participants in several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean taking to the streets to demand respect for their rights. In Peru, thousands marched in the capital city of Lima marking the day of pride demanding their rights be respected. In El Salvador, the marchers flooded the main streets with the colors of the rainbow, music, and slogans, joining other commemorative events on the day around the region. According to EFE, nearly 6,000 persons from San Miguel, Santa Ana, and the capital took to the streets to mark the day. In Mexico, the LGBT members demanded more representation and called on the country’s next president to respect their rights, on the eve of the general elections.


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