ADDED ON: 07/18/2022

Thousands Attend Trans Pride Amid Backlash Against Trans Rights

07/17/2022 | News Talk

Thousands of people attended Trans and Intersex Pride in Dublin amid concern that there is growing “backlash” against the community and its rights. Kicking off at the Garden of Remembrance, Dublin was awash with the pink and blue of the trans pride flag and hundreds of hand painted signs demanded equality, inclusion and healthcare. “So many people don’t understand how vilified and oppressed the trans community has been for decades,” a spokeswoman for Amnesty International told Newstalk. “And in fact right throughout the world today, a lot of them feel that they have to lead invisible lives and in fact there’s been quite a growing backlash against trans rights – as if trans people don’t exist or are somehow some sort of danger.”


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