ADDED ON: 03/14/2019

This transgender woman is running for a seat in India’s national parliament

03/13/2019 | Gay Star News

India’s commercial hub, Mumbai has its first-ever transgender candidate for upcoming parliament elections. Sneha Kale announced she would contest the north-central constituency as an independent candidate this week, according to the Mumbai Mirror. Like many transgender Indians, Sneha Kale makes money from begging. She has entered politics to fight for the rights of the transgender people and other neglected communities. ‘We face all sorts of discrimination, disappointment and no recognition in the society’ she told Mumbai Mirror. She says transgender people had no access to education, employment, or housing and have no access to education, employment or house to stay. ‘I want to raise their questions in the Parliament, as I am one of them’ she said. The Mumbai Mirror also reported 2,086 transgender voters had registered for the upcoming election. That’s twice as many as the last polls.


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