ADDED ON: 08/12/2018

This Trans Athlete Is Representing Uganda At The 2018 Gay Games In Paris

08/10/2018 | That Blue Book

Yes, the Gay Games are a thing. Held every four years, it’s a sport and cultural event featuring LGBT athletes and artists. You can call it the “Gay Olympics”, and although it has held for over three decades, it might not seem like something an African would actually participate in, considering the rampant homophobia within the continent. However, trans athlete, Jay Mulucha has risen above the bigotry in Uganda to become one of the few Africans doing what they love at the 2018 Gay Games, currently happening in Paris. A basketball player, Mulucha’s story is similar to that of many members of the LGBT community in Africa. He was outed eight years ago while in school, losing his scholarship and admission. According to OutSports, he started FEM Alliance Uganda – helping queer people who were assigned female at birth navigate the society, and secretly working with health providers to help the community.


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