ADDED ON: 10/04/2020

This South Korean Pastor ‘Blessed’ a Queer Festival. He’s Now Being Investigated.

10/03/2020 | VICE

These days, Pastor Lee Dong-whan of the Glory Jeil Church doesn’t prepare for Sunday sermons or report to work at his church in Suwon, South Korea. Instead, he goes up an hour north to Seoul to stay with some colleagues who are researchers in church and social reform. They have some office space in a crowded five-story building situated in the capital’s downtown area. He now worries about his appearance, with hair always tangled and beard unshaven. Lee is currently on probation from all ministry duties under the Korean Methodist Church, as he faces the denomination’s court. Clad in a white robe and a rainbow-colored stole and throwing flower petals, he caught national attention over a year ago for blessing the LGBTQ community at a queer parade in the city of Incheon. Other Methodist pastors reported him and the Church’s Judging Committee charged him of “supporting or agreeing with homosexuality,” which is against the denomination’s “doctrine and disciplines.”


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