ADDED ON: 04/06/2019

This Rainbow-Loving American LGBT Activist Has Been Denied Entry by Cuba’s Government

04/05/2019 | Hornet

Michael was in Cuba last May for Idahot, and he’d arrived on a mission: With literally hundreds of rainbow trinkets in tow — rainbow and trans flags, bracelets and stickers — he planned to dole them out to queer Cubans at the planned festivities. It didn’t take long to uncover that this man, a longtime San Francisco-based LGBT activist, cared for the island of Cuba and its residents. Which makes it all the more upsetting that he’s now apparently unable to return to a place he loves. As he’d done in the past, he flew from San Francisco to Cancún, where he would board a plane to Havana. An employee of Interjet Airlines informed him that Cuban immigration authorities had denied him entry into the country.Disappointed but determined to get to the bottom of why he’d been denied entry, Michael boarded a plane later that night, returning to San Francisco.


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