ADDED ON: 08/03/2020

This Lesbian Policewoman Couple in Gujarat Fought for Their Right to Be Together

08/02/2020 | The Wire

Gujarat’s Mahisagar – known for the discovery of dinosaur eggs and fossils in the 1980s – in the news once again, this time for a courageous story of same-sex love. Two female police constables who had moved the court seeking protection from their parents secured a favourable order, with the judge instructing the district SP to give them security. Two 24-year-old constables, Avni and Preeti (names changed), Times of India reported, had been in a live-in relationship. Both had been open about their relationship with their friends and colleagues. On June 10, they signed a “maitri karar”, a sort of friendship contract, to get legal sanction for their relationship. Gujarat had created this contract system in the 1970s to help Hindu men have a mistress without violating the Hindu Marriage Act.


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