ADDED ON: 03/01/2019

This is what it’s like to be tortured in a Chechnya gay concentration camp

02/28/2019 | Gay Star News

LGBTI people have been kidnapped, tortured and killed inside concentration camps in Chechnya. The ‘purge’ was first revealed in 2016. Hundreds of men and women are suffering or have suffered inside these torture chambers. The first known camp was in Argun, a former military prison. One gay man was detained for a week, tortured in a homemade electric chair. He said he was beaten with a hose to force him to ‘confess’ to names of other gay men. He was also forced to sleep in a room with 30 other people and were barely fed. Prisoners were forced to pay bribes, threatened with murder. If they escaped with their lives, they were told to not speak a word or face being hunted down. All were told LGBTI people do not belong in Chechnya. While Argun has been closed, other camps are known to also exist.


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