ADDED ON: 02/12/2019

“This Is Me”: Nippon Television’s Tanio Toshimi on Being True to Oneself

02/08/2019 |

Transgender commentator Tanio Toshimi debuted on News Zero around the time that Diet member Sugita Mio made headlines for describing the LGBT community as childless and “unproductive.” While LGBT people working in entertainment are by no means unusual, Tanio is currently the only such individual appearing on a Japanese news program. We asked Tanio about coming out to her employer as transgender and her decision to join News Zero. Tanio Toshimi kicked off her maiden appearance on the nightly program News Zero in October 4, 2018 with the following message: “I’m Tanio Toshimi. While I joined Nippon Television as a man, I’ve spent the last seven years living as a transgender woman and working in NTV’s film division.”


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