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04/12/2022 | Gaylaxy

Queer people are commonly disenfranchised. From workplaces. From society. From their families. And beyond. On a daily basis. Hourly even. Every queer people I know of has been disfranchised at some point or stage in their lives. This disenfranchisement, however, is unequal, for different sexualities under the queer umbrella. It is more for someone who doesn’t fit into the traditional notions of masculinity or gender. And more so for trans persons. Is the world created equal for him, her, and they? Well, we have a long way to go for that. But, we are getting there. Primarily rendered invisible, trans people are often misunderstood, silenced, or worse unacknowledged. As per a study by Indian Journal for Psychological Medicine, 31% of transgender persons in India end their life by dying by suicide, and 50% of them have attempted suicide at least once before their 20th birthday. Recent suicides by school students in Bareilly and Noida are cases in point. A clear indicator of a lonely childhood and adolescence filled with rejection and abuse. One such suicide note read, “Papa, I’m sorry as I couldn’t be a good son. I can’t earn like you. I’ve girl-like features. Even my face is like a girl. People laugh at me. Even I have started to feel that I’m kinnar. My life will darken your life and it is necessary that I take my life. Please bless me that I take birth as a girl. If a girl is born in our family, then you must think I have returned.“


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