ADDED ON: 09/03/2018

This Christian Group That ‘Loves’ LGBTI People May Have Ulterior Motives

09/01/2018 | Gay Star News

A warning has circulated around youth LGBTI networks in Singapore to be wary of a Christian group which appears to be LGBTI friendly and is targeting them on Facebook. But upon further research people have realized if offers ‘gay cure’ or conversion therapy. Young LGBTI people started noticing ads for the group TrueLove.is pop up regularly when they logged into Facebook. Youth group Young Out Here circulated the warning. At first glance TrueLove.is seems to be a LGBTI Christian support group. Their branding features rainbow colors and it claims to provide ‘stories and resources for Christians who want to know more about LGBTQ issues’. The group belongs to the 3:16 Christian denomination. Founded in 2013, 3:16 aims to ‘win big for the kingdom of God’.


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