ADDED ON: 12/21/2018

This billboard message on LGBT rights in Delhi was lost in censorship

12/21/2018 | News Laundry

It’s business as usual in the bustling lane of Connaught Place’s Block B. But something new catches one’s eye: three new billboards depicting the LGBTQ community in India, have recently been added here. The billboard shows a mother with her son—who has his male partner next to him. The two men are seen cooking together and the lady can be seen raising her hand towards them as a sign of affection and acceptance. Installed above one of the elevator’s at Rajiv Chowk Metro station, the billboards are part of a campaign to raise awareness about LGBT rights and the community’s lifestyle in India. Connaught Place was chosen as the first location to put up these billboards owing to the massive crowd that visits this spot on a daily basis.


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