ADDED ON: 12/29/2020

This artist is proving you can be disabled, queer and sexuality active one powerful illustration at a time

12/26/2020 | Pink News

llustrator Dandy Doodlez has opened up about sex, the intersection between queerness and disability, and why the LGBT+ community is so inaccessible. Dandy developed Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), a complex neurological disease that presents with symptoms in multiple body systems, around two years ago and she told PinkNews: “Overnight, I sort of lost everything in my life.” “I was a very active person,” she said. “I was doing a degree, and I was working for Oxfam. I was doing all these different things, and it just suddenly struck me down. “I lost the ability to walk, to tolerate light or sound, to read, to count. I had all of this joint and muscle pain, and fatigue. “I spent about just over a year in the dark in my room. I couldn’t tolerate any kind of light. I had to wear my sunglasses in bed. It was it was very, very extreme.”


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