ADDED ON: 07/22/2018

This Anti-Gay Congressman’s Bill Would Ban US Embassies from Flying LGBT Pride Flag

07/20/2018 | Alternet

A Republican U.S. Congressman from South Carolina wants to make sure America’s embassies around the world don’t promote equality or recognize Pride month. Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina has filed a bill that would ban U.S. embassies from flying the LGBT pride flag. During the Obama administration many U.S. embassies around the world opted to fly the rainbow flag during June, the official month of LGBT Pride. President Donald Trump for two years in a row has refused to issue any declaratiohonoring Pride month. “The United States flag is the single greatest symbol of freedom the world has ever known, and there’s no reason for anything but Old Glory to be flying over our embassies and posts around the globe,” Duncan said in a statement, the Washington Examiner reports.


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