ADDED ON: 05/24/2018

Thirty Years Ago Four Gay Rights Activists Invaded the Newsroom of the BBC Six O’clock News

05/24/2018 | Indy 100

Thirty years ago four gay rights activists invaded the newsroom of the BBC Six O’clock News. Anchor-woman Sue Lawley was forced to continue with her bulletin with the four women present as they handcuffed themselves to the newsdesk. The activists were protesting the passing of Section 28, which outlawed the “promotion” of homosexuality in public institutions. Lawley continued to announce the headlines as the activists could be heard crying out “stop Section 28!” Her co-presenter Nicholas Witchell, now a Royal Correspondent, sat on a protester and placed his hand over her mouth. The activists’ spokeswoman said the invasion was ″a further statement of lesbian defiance″ against the law. The previous year, women protesters abseiled from the public gallery onto the floor of the House of Lords during a debate on the bill.


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