ADDED ON: 06/22/2019

‘They’re never going to stop us’: Trans March kicks off Pride weekend amid concerns about safety

06/22/2019 | CBC

When Mira Yilmaz left Turkey to come to Canada, she had high hopes she would have an easier time finding acceptance than she did in that country. Yilmaz has only been in Canada for a month and a half, and already the difference is palpable. “Beautiful,” she called it, speaking at the 10th annual Trans March that took place Friday night ahead of Pride Weekend. “I hope it stays this way.” In Turkey, says Yilmaz, the conservative-leaning government has been trying to put a stop to the parades, and LGBT people often find themselves little protection. It’s why she says she left the country. “There are a lot of murders targeting LGBTQ people, which is very sad, just because of their gender and their political ideas,” she said.


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