ADDED ON: 05/14/2020

These queer Muslims are finding ways to stay connected, focused and safe this Ramadan – even under lockdown

05/13/2020 | Pink News

Halfway through Ramadan, Sabah Choudrey, a “reluctant activist on most things trans, brown and hairy” and the co-founder of Trans Pride Brighton, says they’re still figuring things out. “I’ve been thinking about a new routine every three days, and sometimes it stays the same and sometimes it changes but it’s OK,” Sabah tells PinkNews. “Especially with the pandemic, I’m learning to be more flexible and patient with figuring it out. I think I’m being nice to myself as well, I always say just be kind to yourself.” With lockdown leaving many LGBT+ Muslims isolated from their communities during this important time, Sabah notes it’s easy to be hard on yourself.


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