ADDED ON: 12/06/2018

There’s Safety in the Family Fold for Rural LGBTI People in Uganda

12/05/2018 | Christian Science Monitor

On a small farm in eastern Uganda, a baby boy named JoJo was born. Skinny with thin lips and cute ears, JoJo grew up hanging out only with the girls, singing and braiding hair. “People used to call me names, and I hated it,” says JoJo. But at home, that wasn’t a problem. “Most the time I did housecleaning, cooking, taking care of young ones,” JoJo says – traditionally girls’ work. There’s no word for transgender in the local Lumasaaba language. But JoJo’s mom, “she knew,” says JoJo, who identifies today as a woman. “What can I do?” JoJo remembers her saying. “It is my child.”


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