ADDED ON: 10/09/2020

There’s $20trillion of global LGBT+ wealth we could be leveraging to build a better world

10/08/2020 | Gay Star News

Many people talk about the ‘power of the pink dollar’ but few realize there’s $20trillion of LGBT+ wealth we could be using to build a better future. Some companies have truly realised the value of LGBT+ consumers and reflected this in their advertising. But fewer have embraced the idea of using ‘our money’ to push for greater equality. You may not be a millionaire with a global investment fund manager. But even if you have a pension or bank account, an investor somewhere is making decisions about how to use that money. So this includes all of us. Recent social justice movements including Black Lives Matter and the continued outcry over gender identity, re-enforces how pertinent social sustainability is. This really matters to marginalized communities. There is no doubt that the wealth of the LGBT+ community can significantly impact the global economy. It represents a large proportion of global GDP.


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