ADDED ON: 12/09/2021

There is nothing to cure’: Senators back ban on LGBT ‘conversion therapy’

12/08/2021 | Euro News

France’s Senate has overwhelmingly voted in favour of a ban on so-called LGBT conversion therapy. The bill was approved at its first reading on Tuesday, with 305 voting in favour and 28 against. Under the new law, citizens can be punished with prison sentences and fines for attempting to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBT+ people. Last month, France’s parliament had approved the law proposed by members of President Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche! party. “Being yourself is not a crime,” said France’s equality minister Elisabeth Moreno, adding that so-called conversion therapy was “unbearable attacks on human integrity”. “Homosexuality and trans-identity are not diseases that can be cured,” said Moreno. “There is nothing to cure.” The practice of trying to “convert” LGBT+ people to heterosexuality or traditional gender expectations is scientifically discredited.


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