ADDED ON: 09/14/2020

There are a hundred parts of Poland where it’s not OK to be gay – this is why it matters in Manchester

09/13/2020 | Manchester Evening News

Poland is in the middle of a crisis right now. Years of hostility towards LGBT+ people mean tempers are reaching breaking point and the country is now facing what many are referring to the ‘Polish Stonewall’, as activists fight for equality. The Stonewall riots were a turning point in LGBT+ history. The series of demonstrations, prompted by a police raid on New York gay venue, the Stonewall Inn, in June 1969, were the catalyst for gay and transgender liberation movements. But while attitudes in the US and Britain have changed significantly since the 1960s, homophobia remains rife in Poland, even though same-sex relationships and sexual activity are legal. In fact, an October 2019 poll by Ipsos found that the majority of Polish men under the age of 40 said that the LGBT+ movement was ‘the biggest threat facing them in the 21st century’.


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