ADDED ON: 08/31/2022

Their Country Banned Gay Marriage. This Lesbian Couple Got Married Anyway

08/30/2022 | Vice

On a Saturday in early July, I arrived at the Bucharest town hall to attend a very special event – my old friend Georgiana was getting married to her partner Evie. What makes this particular union so noteworthy is that the two women, who asked not to share their full names for privacy and safety reasons, are getting married in Romania, a country that has banned gay marriage and has some of the most discriminatory laws and attitudes towards LGBTQ people in Europe. So how did they do it? Well, Evie is a trans woman and hasn’t yet changed her gender on her documents. This allowed the couple to circumvent their country’s restrictive definition of marriage – at least, on paper. Georgiana and Evie met on Tinder in October 2021 and, true to lesbian relationship stereotype, moved in with each other a month later. Georgiana proposed in December, and Evie did the same in April (double proposing is one of the ways the LGBTQ people are rethinking the wedding industry).


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