ADDED ON: 08/16/2022

The U.K. Turns Its Back on Transgender Ideology

08/15/2022 | National Review

By the spring of 2023, Britain’s state-run transgender youth clinic will shut its doors for good. NHS England announced it was closing the Tavistock gender-identity clinic last month after an independent report concluded that it was “not a safe or viable long-term option” for gender-confused young people. The report, conducted by the former president of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, found that patients were “at considerable risk” from clinicians’ “unquestioning affirmative approach.” Soon after, a London-based legal firm announced a class-action lawsuit on behalf of 1,000 families whose “children and young adolescents were rushed into treatment” and, as a result, “suffered life-changing and, in some cases, irreversible effects.” Skeptics of this wicked experiment rightly feel vindicated by the clinic’s demise. But this is hardly consolation to its victims. No lawsuit, however successful, will ever restore what has been taken from them: their peace of mind, fertility, sexual functioning, and even healthy body parts. But rather than heed this warning, the United States continues to move full speed ahead with so-called gender-affirming care.


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