ADDED ON: 03/15/2020

The struggle for LGBT inclusion in US St Patrick’s Day parades

03/14/2020 | The Irish Times

In 1992, Cork made history when its St Patrick’s parade included the first-ever LGBT float to take part, which also won best new entry in that year’s parade. But over in New York, all was not well. “With only eight days to go before March 17th,” Conor O’Clery wrote in a piece published on March 9th, 1992, “no one in New York, where the biggest St Patrick’s Day parade in the world takes place, can say if there will be a parade this year, or if there is a parade who will run it, or if a gay Irish group will be allowed to march, and if they do march what will happen.” That day, gay rights organisations appeared in court in New York and Boston fighting their exclusion from the parades. There was parade in-fighting too.


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