ADDED ON: 07/10/2019

The sentences of the Constitutional Court on equal marriage are final and can not be appealed in Ecuador

07/09/2019 | El Comercio

“The judgments and the orders of the Constitutional Court shall have the character of final and unappealable.” This textual citation is article 440 of the Constitution of Montecristi and is applicable to sentences 10-18-CN / 19 and 11-18-CN / 19 that entered into force this July 8, 2019 and recognize as a right in Ecuador to civil marriage between people of the same sex. What resources could a group present to prevent equal marriage from taking place in Ecuador? “They can not do anything,” says Christian Paula, of the Pakta Foundation. “The fact that yesterday, Monday 8, have been published in the Official Gazette the two sentences of the Constitutional Court of June 12, implies that both are already law for the Ecuadorian State. And that requests for clarification and extension (of groups against) have already been answered.” The Court, the highest court in the country, recognized the marriage between same-sex, interpreting Article 67 of the Magna Carta, which says that this contract is between men and women, in light of constitutional norms favorable to the equality of people and that reject all discrimination.


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