ADDED ON: 05/23/2018

The Search for the ‘Transgender Brain’ Is Dangerous—and Dehumanizing

05/23/2018 | Daily Beast

We don’t need another scientific study to boost acceptance of transgender people. We need transgender people to start being accepted in workplaces, in religions, and in families. The hunt for the “transgender brain” is just as fraught as the quest to find a “gay gene.” Neither will give way to lasting acceptance for LGBT people. And because there are bound to be outliers and exceptions to any rule, neither will ever definitively answer why some kids grow up straight and others queer, some cisgender and others transgender. What’s more is that both have the potential to be exploited: One need only consult the history of doctors trying to lobotomize or shock homosexuality out of existence to realize the dangers of tying LGBT identity to a specific part of the brain or a stretch of DNA.


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