ADDED ON: 11/11/2020

The rainbow colours flying together with the white-red-white flags. The Belarusian LGBT community at protests.

11/10/2020 | New Eastern Europe

The unprecedented wave of mass social protests currently sweeping Belarus remains one of the most popular topics in global and European media. Occurring directly as a result of the disputed presidential elections on August 9th, the protests have often been met with brutal force from the authorities. However, this has only emboldened the country’s civil society. The number of demonstrators participating in these protests now has risen into the hundreds of thousands. This is a completely new reality for Belarus, which is bordered by EU states such as Poland. Of course, issues related to freedom and democracy remain the central theme of the ongoing protests. Despite this, many participants now also hope to campaign for issues that are still problematic in various EU countries, including Poland. These include issues related to the rule of law, the independence of the judiciary and media freedom. There are also growing calls within the protest movement for the strengthening of equality in the country. This is especially true in relation to groups campaigning for the rights of women and the LGBT community.


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