ADDED ON: 10/18/2022

The Queer Brazilian Filmmaker Taking on Jair Bolsonaro

10/17/2022 | Daily Beast

Acclaimed Brazilian filmmaker and activist Fernando Grostein Andrade speaks truth and love to power in his newly released documentary Breaking Myths. Widely known for his acclaimed work on Breaking the Taboo, which centers on the war on drugs, Andrade is telling a deeply vulnerable story of queer existence within the broader context of a toxic political atmosphere under far-right ideologue President Jair Bolsonaro. The LGBTQ+ community has become a specific target for Bolsonaro’s hateful rhetoric. As a queer young man in Brazil, Fernando grew up amidst the crushing pressure of a society that saw no place for him. His political activism and advocacy for others like him put him at immense risk. Still, he persisted, unwavering in his mission to give the voiceless a voice and tell stories of resilience, love, and rebellion in the face of oppression. This is his story. I’ve been killed several times. The first time, I was 10. My father, journalist Mário de Andrade, editor of Playboy magazine, died of a heart attack. I remember throwing a hibiscus flower in his grave, hoping that something would be reborn. Instead, I became a shy and introspective boy. I found my peace in the art of caring for orchids. I was fascinated by the cycle of life and death of the bulbs.


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