ADDED ON: 01/04/2020

‘The Periphery Has Potency’ Festival Unites Art and Literature in the Peripheries at the Galpão Bela Maré

01/03/2020 | Rio on Watch

On December 17, the Galpão Bela Maré arts center held the Periferia Tem Potência (The Periphery Has Potency) festival in partnership with the Favelas Observatory, the Instituto Maria e João Aleixo, and the Park Library. Participants gathered in the favelas of Maré, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, to pay homage to artistic creations—primarily literary—of the peripheries, with roundtable conversations, games, and exhibits. The second part of the festival took place on December 19 at the Park Library, in Centro. On that night, the organizers invited, among others, authors Alice Pereira and Marcus Diniz from the LGBT scene in order to present their books and discuss the questions of marginalization and desire to be represented in literature in an authentic way, without stereotypes and hypersexualization. Next, there was music, a theater piece by the Slam Akewí poetry group, and conversation roundtables in parallel.


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