ADDED ON: 07/06/2022

The military is offering to transfer troops affected by anti-LGBTQ laws, but the process isn’t easy.

07/05/2022 | KERA News

Military families can move to new bases if they’re stationed in states with laws hostile to LGBTQ people. But families who try to take advantage of the program may face barriers. In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott calls it “child abuse” for parents to provide transgender children with medical care that supports their gender identity. In February, he told state officials to investigate them and called on the public to report instances of minors getting such care. It brought panic to one Air Force family living in San Antonio. “We didn’t know whether it was just going to be a witch hunt immediately, or if they really had any legal standing,” said B, a military spouse who asked to go by her first initial for fear of retaliation. “Did that mean they could come to our door and take our child away from us? We just didn’t know.”


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