ADDED ON: 07/13/2019

The many flags of the LGBT community

07/12/2019 | SDLGN

Everyone probably recognizes the rainbow flag as the universal symbol of the LGBT community. But there are other subcultures that have adopted banners of their own and every year around this time they are displayed with Pride. Even though you may be a model student of everything queer history, there are constantly things being added to the lexicon and possibly escaped your knowledge base. Memorizing every tribe under the LGBT spectrum by their respective flag is probably too daunting especially after a few cocktails. If you have, congratulations, you get a gold star! For those of us who haven’t, queer artist Xan has created a hand-drawn legend of 30 queer banners to help out. This year, Xan refreshed their list of flags to the chart you see at left.


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