ADDED ON: 11/04/2018

The Legalisation of Gay Marriage Meets Resistance in Taiwan

11/01/2018 | The Economist

Nowhere in Asia celebrates gay pride as flamboyantly as Taipei. The annual parade in Taiwan’s capital draws tens of thousands, many from overseas. But anti-gay forces have seized their chance. A law passed by the DPP makes it easier to get referendums onto the ballot: voters face no fewer than ten questions on November 24th. One asks whether discussion of LGBT matters should be banned in primary and middle schools. It is intended to roll back those parts of the national curriculum that teach respect and understanding for gay students. The second asks whether voters think the civil code should define marriage as between a man and a woman. A third asks whether the rights of same-sex couples to form a permanent union should be guaranteed in a form other than civil marriage.


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