ADDED ON: 08/22/2021

The ‘laughing, loving diva’ who fights tirelessly for gay and lesbian rights

08/21/2021 | Wales Online

“A group of remarkable people who met weekly, daily, to work out what might be possible to work out what was possible to change the lives of the LGBT people in this community…there was Lisa. With the perfect name. Power. She had power of every possible sort and experience”. At a recent awards ceremony, Sir Ian McKellen made a point of speaking of the determination, humour, passion of Lisa Power which has “stayed with him” but he wasn’t the only one. Co-founder of Stonewall Jennifer Wilson said Lisa was “outrageous, a walking living laughing loving diva. A tireless fighter for gay and lesbian rights. I’ve seen her go out on a limb for so many people…and one of the things I love about her best is that she’s never tolerated fools”. She was described as a “phenomenal woman who has done so much for the LGBT community” who has worked “tirelessly” by Olivette Cole-Wilson, another Stonewall co-founder.


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