ADDED ON: 01/23/2023

The Last Act Of Premier Su: Taiwan Recognises Same-sex Marriages Of Transnational Couples

01/22/2023 | Republic World

In a historic move, Taiwan has moved to recognise transnational same-sex couples from countries that do not recognise same-sex marriage. On Friday, the government of Taiwan decided to recognise same-sex marriage between its citizens and their foreign partners, even if their partner’s country does not allow same-sex marriage, Kyodo news reported. The Interior Ministry notified the local governments about the change of interpretations. However, the new interpretation will not cover same-sex marriages involving people who belong to mainland China because of “procedural issues”. The Taiwanese administration was the first in Asia to legalize same-sex marriages back in 2019. However, the 2019 law only allowed the Taiwanese to marry their same-sex partners who were also citizens of Taiwan. In the 2019 ruling, the Taiwanese government also allowed marriage between couples who belong to a country where same-sex marriage is legal. The new reform in the interpretation of Taiwanese law was rejoiced by many Taiwanese.


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