ADDED ON: 11/25/2020

The House Drops a Bill That Will Require Indonesians to Turn in Gay Family Members

11/24/2020 | Jakarta Globe

Jakarta. A controversial bill proposed by an Islamic political party that will dictate how husbands, wives, and family members behave has stalled at the House of Representatives after the National Democratic party gave a key vote that complete a pushback from nationalist parties. Supratman Andi Agtas, the chairman of the House’s Legislation Body, said that five parties, which combined control two-thirds of the seats in the chamber, rejected the so-called Family Resilience Bill on Tuesday. “The Legislation Body cannot proceed to further discussion of this bill because five factions rejected and only for accepted it,” Supratman said. Surya Paloh’s National Democratic (Nasdem) party gave the decisive vote to reject the bill on Tuesday after its indecision led to an impasse last week. The Legislation Body needs a unanimous or majority votes from the factions to put a bill in the National Legislation Program—a list of bills that the House and the government will deliberate in the next meeting period—as an initiative from legislators. Among the bill’s controversial articles, one requires anyone to turn in family members engaging in the same sex, incest, masochism, or sadism sexual activities to a government body for rehabilitation. The bill also sought to put household chores and family unity responsibilities on the wives.


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