ADDED ON: 11/11/2018

The Hidden Gay History of the Yukon, Home to One of the Most Remote Prides

11/09/2018 | Gay Star News

Driving into Whitehorse, Canada, the only city in the Yukon, you’d be forgiven for tucking away your rainbow flag. With the Sacred Heart church on the right and only a Tim Hortons as the biggest chain insight – I wasn’t sure if this was a trip to parade my Gay Star News tote bag about. But don’t let The Yukon’s icy exterior fool you. Surrounded by stunning snow-topped mountain ranges that dominate this North West Canadian territory, at first glance, Whitehorse has a ‘small-town’ impression. But scratch beyond the surface is a warm glow. The Yukon’s community are welcoming to all people here. And it caught me off guard.


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