ADDED ON: 01/10/2022

The first transgender woman officeholder in Baja wants to make Tijuana more inclusive

01/09/2022 | The San Diego Union-Tribune

The first transgender woman to hold public office in Baja California is determined to help develop a more inclusive language in Tijuana — and with it, a city government aimed at more awareness and acceptance of the broad spectrum of gender identities. But, are Tijuaneses — who live in a state where the federal government recently issued an alert about “high levels of violence against women,” and a nation considered one of the worst in the world in terms of violence against those who are gay or transgender — ready for such a shift? “‘Either I kill myself or they’ll kill me.’ These are still considered some of the only options for a large number of people in Mexico’s LGBTQ+ community,” said Regina Cornejo Manzo, a transgender woman and the first directora of the new Department of Diversity and Inclusion for the city of Tijuana. Cornejo is hoping to bring more education and awareness to the language city officials use with the public, as a first step in creating a more inclusive culture and society in Tijuana and Mexico.


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