ADDED ON: 09/12/2019

The first same-sex weddings in Northern Ireland will take place on Valentine’s Day

09/10/2019 | Pink News

Campaigners for marriage equality in Northern Ireland have confirmed that same-sex marriage will be legal from January 13 2020, with the first weddings taking place on Valentine’s Day. Northern Ireland is the only country in the UK where same-sex marriage is not legally recognised. On July 9, MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of changing the law if the devolved Northern Ireland Executive has not been re-established by 21 October 2019. The law is being changed ahead of schedule as British government ministers announced on Monday, September 9, that the new legislation is due to come into effect on January 13. Couples will have to wait 28 days after they submit their notice of intention to marry before they can have a ceremony, making February 14, the first day. Lord Ian Duncan, Northern Ireland Office parliamentary under secretary of state, has said that the government is working to identify all areas where legacy language exists, to make sure legislation covers exactly as marrying heterosexual couple.



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