ADDED ON: 02/28/2020

The Fight for LGBT Rights in Vietnam Still Has a Long Way To Go

02/27/2020 | The Diplomat

Prejudice, discrimination, and stigma against the LGBT community in Vietnam still loom large. Change will take concerted efforts. On September 14, 2019, on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Ho Chi Minh city, Nguyen Hue street was busy as normal, attracting hundreds of tourists. But something was different about that day: the street was holding an annual event called VietPride to promote equality, freedom, and tolerance for the Vietnamese LGBT community. It’s worth looking back at what happened to lead us to this point. The LGBT community in Vietnam was largely underground in the past because the state media had declared homosexuality a social evil. In 2010, the Vietnam Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment conducted a survey that found that “87 percent of participants did not fully understand LGBT concerns and rights or had a very limited understanding of LGBT rights.”


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