ADDED ON: 07/09/2020

The Dutch are putting LGBT+ rights in Article 1 of their constitution

07/08/2020 | Gay Star News

The Netherlands is planning a way to guarantee LGBT+ rights for generations to come by including them in Article 1 of its constitution. The 150-member House of Representatives, the lower house of the Dutch parliament, voted 124 in favor and 26 against the proposal. Dutch LGBT+ organization Cultuur en Ontspanningscentrum (COC) has campaigned for the change for almost 20 years. It said it was ‘wonderful news’. COC chairman Astrid Oosenbrug added (translated): ‘Today we are taking a big step towards anchoring our rights in the constitution. ‘That is important for today, as a task for politicians to tackle violence against LGBTI people, for example. And it is important for the future, as a guarantee that we can still enjoy our hard-won rights in fifty or a hundred years.’


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