ADDED ON: 01/24/2021

The Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t been a “great equaliser” for India’s queer population

01/21/2021 | Quartz

In a nation roiled with socio-political anxieties, Covid-19 amplified our sense of impending doom: a quiet cough ringing alarm bells in our heads, while the morning news kept getting darker by the day. What is worse is that against a popular perception of the pandemic as a “great equaliser,” Covid-19 laid bare the differential vulnerabilities of the population. Various gender and sexual minorities were among those that were exposed to precarity in ways that we often do not talk about. Many people have started asking how being locked in the spaces of domesticity might have impacted women, who often face abuse within those spaces. But there is little discourse on the impact these spaces have had on LGBTQIA individuals, many of whose lives are subject to increased supervision and regulation. As a trans person with economic means, I was able to move to my chosen home in New Delhi, days before we were ambushed by a nationwide lockdown.


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