ADDED ON: 06/17/2019

The Biggest LGBT Center In The World Just Got Bigger — And Better

06/17/2019 | Huff Post

The construction wasn’t quite finished on the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s new Anita May Rosenstein Campus in mid-May. There was still caution tape on some of the planters outside, and men on ladders were drilling into ceilings, securing fixtures and sweeping up, like frantic workers in “The Truman Show.” But inside the sparkling glass complex, a culinary course was already underway. Six students, three LGBTQ seniors and three youth, were on day nine of their class, making a chicken fricassee under the guidance of Janet Crandall, the executive chef of the Center’s culinary arts program. “You’ll want to take out the chicken when you are reducing the sauce,” she explained. “Yes, chef,” the students said, earnestly. Crandall, a friendly, energetic person with a short, blond haircut, was hired by the Center in January. “I was writing curriculum up till the kitchen opened on April 7. We got the OK from the health inspection the Friday before.” The classes are the brainchild of cookbook author and TV personality Susan Feniger, a Center board member. The mission is twofold: to give seniors and youth marketable culinary skills, and eventually to serve up to 600 meals a day at the Center, as well as to produce food for a cafe there.


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